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  1. Cucurbitacin B hazard information. GHS classification*: acute toxicity, oral, category 2: H300—Fatal if swallowed *Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. Explanation of pictograms. Learn more about this molecule from CAS, the most authoritative and comprehensive source for chemical information
  2. Cucurbitacine sind Bitterstoffe, die hauptsächlich in der Familie der Kürbisgewächse und Braunwurzgewächse (zum Beispiel Bacopa monnieri) vorkommen.Die Gruppe leitet sich vom Cucurbitan ab, einem tetracyclischen Triterpen und Steroid.Es sind rund 40 Cucurbitacine bekannt. Mit Ausnahme der Vertreter Cucurbitacin A, Cucurbitacin C und Cucurbitacin F kommen sie vorwiegend als Glycoside vor
  3. Cucurbitacin is a bitter-tasting principle that can be isolated from members of the family Cucurbitaceae, such as cucumber (Cucumis sativus) and melon (Cucumis melo L.). In particular, cucurbitacin 149 and momordicine, 150 which have an intensely bitter taste, are contained abundantly in Momordica charantia (bitter melon in English, go-yaa in Okinawa, Japan), which people enjoy due to its.
  4. Cucurbitacin I is a cucurbitacin that is 9,10,14-trimethyl-4,9-cyclo-9,10-secocholesta-2,5,23-triene substituted by hydroxy groups at positions 2, 16, 20 and 25 and oxo groups at positions 1, 11 and 22. It has a role as a plant metabolite and an antineoplastic agent
  5. Cucurbitacin toxicity is a rare condition caused by a chemical called cucurbitacin, which makes fruits and vegetables bitter. Toxic squash syndrome is caused when cucurbitacin levels are high in the fruits and vegetables, the chemical is harmful for human cells
  6. g from traditional Chinese medicinal plants, but also in other plants such as pumpkins and gourds.. Cucurbitacin E is a highly oxidated steroid consisting of a tetracyclic triterpene..

Cucurbitacin B is a cucurbitacin in which a lanostane skeleton is multi-substituted with hydroxy, methyl and oxo substituents, with unsaturation at positions 5 and 23; a hydroxy function at C-25 is acetylated. It is a cucurbitacin, a secondary alpha-hydroxy ketone and a tertiary alpha-hydroxy ketone. It derives from a hydride of a lanostane Synonym: 25-O-Acetyl 23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin F, 25-Acetoxy 23,24-dihydrocucurbitacin F, Cucurbitacin IIa, Dihydrocucurbitacin F 25-O-acetate, Dihydrocucurbitacin Q1 Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C 32 H 50 O

Zucchini können den Giftstoff Cucurbitacin enthalten! Mögliche Symptome: Übelkeit, Bauchkrämpfen, Erbrechen, Durchfallerkrankungen, Darmschäden ウリ科ヘムスレイア属の植物の一部などに含まれる。 キシメジ科 オオイチョウタケ属のキノコにも含まれるものがある。 cas登録番号は[6199-67-3]である。. ククルビタシンc. ウリ科キュウリ属のキュウリなどに含まれる。 ククルビタシンcは特に苦いが抗癌作用があることが知られている

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cucurbitacin definition: Noun (plural cucurbitacins) 1. (biochemistry) Any of a class of bitter steroids, found in plants of the family Cucurbitaceae, that prevent them being eaten by herbivores.. Cucurbitacin E induced ROS production in 95D lung cancer cells and promoted cell autophagy and apoptosis (Ma et al., 2016). Cucurbitacins have the ability to inhibit invasion and migration. An important feature of malignant tumors is the invasion and migration of cancer cells, which is a common cause of cancer treatment failure

In besonders schweren Fällen kann eine Cucurbitacin-Vergiftung auch tödlich enden. Allerdings verhindert der starke bittere Geschmack eigentlich einen übermäßigen Verzehr Cucurbitacin E has been used as a cofilin inhibitor. It is also used as a F-actin stabilizer to prevent membrane-associated periodic skeleton (MPS) loss and protect from axonal fragmentation. Packaging 5, 25 mg in glass bottle Biochem/physiol Actions Cucurbitacin E is a potent inhibitor of actin depolymerization A method of isolating and purifying cucurbitacin is described. The method involves providing a cucurbitacin-containing liquid obtained from plant matter containing cucurbitacin, which liquid is then sequentially extracted with a non-polar solvent and then a moderately polar solvent. In a preferred embodiment, the cucurbitacin is purified by flash-column chromatography pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.go Researchers believe a chemical known as cucurbitacin, which gave the fruits their bitter flavor, had triggered toxic cucurbit poisoning that caused their hair to fall out

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Cucurbitacin B belongs to a class of highly oxidized tetracyclic triterpenoids; could repress cancer cell progression. IC50 value: Target: anticancer natural compound in vitro: Cucurbitacin-B inhibited growth and modulated expression of cell-cycle regulators in SHSY5Y cells Raw cucumbers (Cucumis Sativus) have been refreshing and cooling to human civilization for five thousands years. Mostly water, it's a staple ingredient of pickling, chutneys, and even the cosmetic industry. However, I'm unfamiliar with cucurbita..

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Cucurbitacin IIb (CuIIb) is one of the major active compounds in Hemsleyadine tablets which have been used for clinical treatment of bacillary dysentery, enteritis and acute tonsilitis. However, its action mechanism has not been completely understood. This study aimed to explore the anti-inflammatory activity of CuIIb and its underlying. cucurbitacin. Vigyázat! Mérgező lehet a tök és a cukkini! Még több cucurbitacin Facebook Maruzsa Zoltán: ismét fel kell készülni a digitális oktatásra Szívszorító: m lenne 48 éves Benedek Tibor - Emlékezzünk most rá! - videók Gyász: meghalt Pécsi Ildikó férje, az olimpiai bajnok Szűcs Lajos. Le cucurbitacine sono dei glucosidi triterpenici tetraciclici, composti naturali abbondanti in molte specie di piante delle famiglie delle Cucurbitacee e Crucifere, usate come farmaci in molti paesi quali la Cina e l'India.Si conoscono e contraddistinguono le seguenti molecole: Cucurbitacina; Cucurbitacina A; Cucurbitacina B (CAS: 6199-67-3) Cucurbitacina D (CAS: 3877-86-9) isolato dal frutto.

8 Citations for Cucurbitacin I. Citations are publications that use Tocris products. Selected citations for Cucurbitacin I include: Bonifazi et al (2009) Balancing inflammation and tolerance in vivo through dendritic cells by the commensal Candida albicans Discovery of JSI-124 (cucurbitacin I), a selective janus kinase/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 signaling pathway inhibitor with potent antitumor activity against human and murine cancer cells in mice. Blaskovich et al. Cancer Res., 2003;63:127 Cucurbitacin B and I inhibits colon cancer xenograft growth in mice. (A) HCT116 cells (1 × 10 6) were injected into the flanks of nude mice and palpable tumors were allowed to develop for 7 days. Doch die Pflanze gibt eigentlich deutliche Warnsignale ab, wenn sie das Cucurbitacin enthält: durch einen extrem bitteren Geschmack und Geruch. Wenn also eine Zucchini fast ungenießbar bitter schmeckt, dann sollte sie auf gar keinen Fall verzehrt werden! Auch bei Kürbissen sollte das beachtet werden Cucurbitacin B, an oxygenated tetracyclic triterpenoid compound extracted from Cucurbitaceae plant species, is a long-term anticancer agent by disruption of microtubule polymerization

Cucurbitacin E is a biochemical compound from the family of cucurbitacins.These are found in plants which are member of the family Cucurbitaceae, most of them coming from traditional Chinese medicinal plants, but also in other plants such as pumpkins and gourds Cucurbitacin I, Cucumis sativus L. has been found to suppress levels of phosphotyrosine Stat3 (signal transducer and activator of transcription 3) in v-Src-transformed NIH 3T3 cells

Kim et al. use RNAseq of two watermelons to select candidate genes coding for enzymes that catalyze modifications of cucurbitacins. They characterise four of the 16 candidate enzymes (3 different. cucurbitacin C, and there may be a difference in the con-trolling mechanisms to accumulate it in the fruit between 'Shinsyo Hakuhi' and Japanese popular cultivars. It is commonly believed that the stem end of the cucumber fruits is bitterer than the middle or blossom end

The present invention relates to uses of cucurbitacins and compositions comprising cucurbitacin B. The present invention also relates to methods for preventing or treating various diseases and disorders by administering to a subject in need thereof cucurbitacin B. The invention also encompass methods of developing a therapeutic that comprises a cucurbitacin using the signaling molecules in the. 葫芦素B ( cucurbitacin B ) 是从葫芦科等植物中分离得到的一类四环三萜类化合物,是葫芦素家族中含量最丰富的成员,具有广泛的药理活性

Cucurbitacin E is a biochemical compound from the family of Cucurbitacins. Products are for laboratory research use only. Not for human use. We do not sell to patients Cucurbitacin B has been one of the most explored for its role in biological systems. Cucurbitacin B (C 32 H 46 O 8, molecular weight 558.712 g/mol, 19-(10 9β)-abeo-10-lanost-5-ene triterpene), found in the plants of cucurbitaceae and other plant families like Brassicaceae, is classified as a steroid with peculiar bitter taste and cytotoxic. Cucurbitacin B induces apoptosis and S phase cell cycle arrest in BEL-7402 human hepatocellular carcinoma cells and is effective via oral administration K. T. Chan, F. Y. Meng, Q. Li, C. Y. Ho, T. S. Lam, Y

Cucurbitacin E (CuE, α-elaterin), a tetracyclic triterpenes compound from folk traditional Chinese medicine plants, has been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth, inflammatory response and bilirubin-albumin binding. However, the effects of CuE on tumor angiogenesis and its potential molecular mechanism are still unknown A cucurbitacin that is 9,10,14-trimethyl-4,9-cyclo-9,10-secocholesta-2,5,23-triene substituted by hydroxy groups at positions 2, 16, 20 and 25 and oxo groups at positions 1, 11 and 22. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team. Supplier Information. 1H NMR studies at 400 MHz on Cucurbitacin S and its derivatives suggest that the structure of Cucurbitacin S previously isolated from Bryonia dioica should be revised from (22S)-22, 25-anhydro-2,16α,22,25-tetrahydroxy-3,11,23-trioxo-cucurbita-1,5-diene to (24S).

Cucurbitacin B is a plant-derived triterpene that has the classic four-ring structure of mammalian steroids. It has diverse effects on mammalian cells, most notably inducing cell cycle arrest or apoptosis in a range of cancer cell lines. 1,2,3 Cucurbitacin B inhibits the growth of several breast cancer cell lines (IC 50 s = 18-50 nM). 4 It suppresses the growth of tumors developed from MDA-MB. Background: Cucurbitacin B, an oxygenated tetracyclic triterpenoid compound extracted from the Thai medicinal plant Trichosanthes cucumerina L., has been reported to have several biological activities including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticancer.Cucurbitacin B is great of interest because of its biological activity. This agent inhibits growth of various types of human cancer cells. Cucurbitacin R, a natural anti-inflammatory product, has been shown to exhibit activity against both adjuvant-induced arthritis and delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions induced by various agents. Previous studies have demonstrated that the effects of Cucurbitacin R stem from its inhibition of both cytokine production and lymphocyte. ADCs Toxins, Cucurbitacin B is a oxygenated triterpenoid molecule predominantly found in different species of the Cucurbitaceae family. One of its most relevant acticity, is the cytotoxic effects towards human cancer cell lines e.g. breast, lung, prostate, and human colon. A recent study from Marostica et al investigates the synergistic antiproliferative effects of a new semisynthetic. Cucurbitacin B (CuB) is composed of triterpenoid structure and its structural character, that represents bitterness, can stimulate AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) pathway. CuB ameliorated hyperglycemia by activating intestinal AMPK levels and by inducing plasma GLP-1 and insulin release in diabetic mice

Cucurbitacin A. Cucurbitacin A. Cucurbitacin A nalezený v některých druzích Cucumis. Pentanorcucurbitacin A nebo 22-hydroxy-23,24,25,26,27-pentanorcucurbit-5-en-3-on C 25 H 40. According to their structural characteristics, cucurbitacins are divided into 12 groups. Among them, cucurbitacin B, D, E, I and Q have been widely recognized for their antiproliferative activity, as demonstrated in vivo, as well as in vitro studies using endothelial cells, leukemias and a variety of solid cancer cell lines. (3, 4, 9, 11, 14, 15 Cucurbitacin family members found in cucumber, melon, watermelon, squash, and pumpkin have a range of biological and pharmacological activities . Current evidence indicates that Cucs has growth inhibitory effects on several cancer cells such as bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, hepatocarcinoma, breast cancer and leukemia [12, 13]

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Das giftige Cucurbitacin zählt zur Gruppe der Triterpene, einer Untergruppe der Terpene. Eine Vergiftung durch Cucurbitacin kann zu Erbrechen, Speichelfluss oder Durchfall führen. In besonders schlimmen Fällen kann es besonders bei Kindern oder älteren Menschen sogar zum Todesfall durch Kreislaufversagen kommen Abstract. Cucurbitacin E (CucE), a triterpenoid isolated from Cucurbitaceae plants, has been shown to possess an anti-inflammatory or immunosuppressive activity in vitro and in vivo, yet the underlying mechanism has been incompletely understood.The aim of the present study was to explore its effect on cytokine expression and the underlying mechanism in human Jurkat T cells as a cellular model

Essentially, bitterness is known to be controlled by two genetic traits, Bi which confers bitterness on the whole plant and Bt, which leads to a bitter fruit.The team was able to identify nine genes that were involved in making cucurbitacin Cucurbitacin I is a naturally occurring triterpenoid derived from Cucurbitaceae family plants that exhibits a number of potentially useful pharmacological and biological activities. Paralyze the worms with cucurbitacin from pumpkin seeds. Flush them out with a boosted bowel movement from a laxative. Put simply: Paralyze and flush! Of course, there's no guarantees you'll get them out easily. However, if you do this over and over, very few (if any) worms will be able to hold onto your intestinal walls Cucurbitacin E is a widely available plant-derived natural product, making it a useful tool to study actin dynamics in cells and actin-based processes such as cytokinesis

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Cucurbitacin E specifically binds to filamentous actin (F-actin) forming a covalent bond at residue Cys257, but not to monomeric actin (G-actin). On the basis of its compatibility with phalloidin staining, we show that cucurbitacin E occupies a different binding site on actin filaments Cucurbitacin B (CuB) has antiproliferative activity against many cancer types including breast, 6, 7 pancreas, 8-10 liver, 11, 12 brain, 13 bone, 14 skin 15 and head and neck, 16 as well as, leukemia. 17-19 In a human breast cancer orthotopic model, CuB reduced tumor size by 50% with no significant toxicities. 7 Moreover, CuB in combination.

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쿠쿠르비타신(cucurbitacin)은 박과 식물 특유의 스테로이드의 일종으로 쓴 맛이 난다. 오이, 멜론, 수박, 참외 등의 설익은 부분에 포함되어 있다. 일반적으로는 함량이 적기 때문에 먹어서 쓴맛까지 느끼지는 않는다. 그러나 드물게 쿠쿠르비타신을 많이 생산하는 것이 섞여 유통되는 경우가 있으며. Cucurbitacin sei extrem giftig und extrem bitter, sagt Schwarz - mich wundert es, dass der Mann die Zucchini überhaupt gegessen hat. Tatsächlich habe der Heidenheimer Rentner berichtet.

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Cucurbitacin B (CuB) is one of the potential agents for long term anticancer chemoprevention. Cumulative evidences has shown that cucurbitacin B provides potent cellular biological activities such as hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, but the precise mechanism of this agent is not clearly understood. We examine the biological effects on cancer cells of cucurbitacin. Cucurbitacin I. catalog : 1571/1. quantity : 1 mg. price : 249 USD. more info or order : Tocris Bioscience product webpage. citations: 8. Reference; Martin Gallausiaux C, Larraufie P, Jarry A, Béguet Crespel F, Marinelli L, Ledue F, et al. Butyrate Produced by Commensal Bacteria Down-Regulates Indolamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1 (IDO-1) Expression. Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive malignancy that is generally refractory to chemotherapy, thus posing experimental and clinical challenges. In this study, the antiproliferative effect of the triterpenoid compound cucurbitacin B was tested in vitro and in vivo against human pancreatic cancer cells. Dose-response studies showed that the drug inhibited 50% growth of seven pancreatic cancer cell.

Cucurbitacin B [6199-67-3]-Biopurify Phytochemicals OnlineCucurbitacin A | CAS:6040-19-3 | Manufacturer ChemFacesCucurbitacin B hydrate ≥97% (HPLC) | Sigma-AldrichCucurbitacin B | Microtubule Associated inhibitor | ReadCucurbitacin B - NSP-Functional Polymers & Copolymers

Other articles where Cucurbitacin is discussed: squirting cucumber: Squirting cucumber contains poisonous cucurbitacins, and all parts of the plant can be fatal if ingested Cucurbitacin B analytical standard provided with w/w absolute assay, to be used for quantitative titration. Purity (HPLC) ≥95% (This product is delivered with HPLC chromatogram) Safety . Hazard statement : H300 Fatal if swallowed.. Bitterstoff Cucurbitacin: Was Zucchini tödlich machen kann. Ein Mann in Heidenheim starb, nachdem er einen Auflauf mit selbst gezogenen Zucchini gegessen hatte Cucurbitacin B augmented the anti‐proliferative activity of gemcitabine in Panc‐1 tumour xenografts. Panc‐1 cells (1 × 10 7) were subcutaneously implanted into both flanks of 30 athymic nu/nu mice. Mice were then randomly divided into six groups and treated according to the treatment schedule described in Table 1. After 43 days of.

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