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Shar-Pei kennel van de Noorderhoeve, welkom! Omdat wij altijd al een grote passie voor dieren en de natuur hebben gehad, zijn wij op zoek gegaan naar een voor ons geschikte woning. In 1999 hebben wij onze huidige woning de Noorderhoeve gekocht. Deze is gelegen ten midden van de natuur in het buitengebied van Tilburg Kennel tartásra pedig kifejezetten alkalmatlanok. A shar pei egyáltalán nem öleb, hanem aktív és agilis partner a családban. Marmagasság: kan 46-51 cm, szuka 41-46 cm. Testtömeg: 16- 25 kg. Alomszám: 4-7 kölyök. Várható élettartam: 10-12 év. Eredeti neve:Shar Pei Angol neve: Shar Pei. Eredet Válogatott Shar-pei linkek, ajánlók, leírások - Shar-pei témában minden! Megbízható, ellenőrzött tartalom profi szerkesztőktől - Neked!..

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Velkommen til China House Shar Pei Som de første i Skandinavien, og blandt 5 udvalgte opdrættere i Europa (os i DK, 2 i Tyskland, 1 i Holland, 1 i England), modtog vi sidst i 1979 og først i 1980 79-80 to Shar Pei fra Hong Kong.: Dansk, Luxembourg og Fransk Champion: Chinese Diamond Tai Shan samt tæven Chinese Diamond Lai Fung The Shar Pei (Cantonese: shā pèih or Mandarin: 沙皮 shā pí) is a dog breed from southern China. Traditionally kept for dog fighting, the Shar Pei was driven to the point of extinction in the 20th century, the breed is known in the West for its deep wrinkles, whilst a traditional less wrinkled form is maintained in Hong Kong Mátrai Viktória vagyok, 1992 óta ismerkedem a shar-peijel. Ekkor kaptuk meg az elsőt az öcséimmel együtt. Egy fekete kan shar-pei volt, törzskönyvi nevén Csinpej Axel, de mi csak Kánnak hívtuk őt !!!! Nagyon szerettük, de sajnos elég hamar elvesztettük egy szerencsétlen baleset következtében 2 és fél éves korában Shar-pei apróhirdetések - Eladó és ingyen elvihető shar-pei-ek, fajtatiszta kutyák, kiskutyák és ingyenes kutya apró az ebadta.hu honlapon

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Showbiz Kennels Shar Pei's . Welcome to Showbiz Kennel. Our site has been down for quite a while but hopefully we have it fixed My husband and I live in Albion,NY about 50 miles from Niagara Falls and the Canadian border. Please take your time and look around, come back often to see if there are any changes or additions.. We are active members of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, American Kennel Club, The Golden State Chinese Shar-Pei local club and the Sand To Sea Non-Sporting Club. This is a wonderful breed and we are here to help every way we can with the longevity of the Chinese Shar-Pei! Take a look at our stud dogs, our breeding bitches, our veterans.

Pei Attention VIP Exclusive Model Tesla became 2nd best female with CAC in Trondheim, Norway! Fodervärd sökes! Vi söker nu fodervärd åt en ung hane och en halvfodervärd (= såld med bibehållen avelsrätt) åt en tik Shar Pei Kennel Damishar Veel plezier, much pleasure . Erkend Fokker . Webdesign D.J. Vleeschouwer . Laatste update: 28-3-2018.

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  1. A well socialized Shar-Pei, is happy and trainable. We encourage Pei owners to start training and socializing their new puppy right away. The Shar-Pei is a versatile, primal, and highly intelligent breed. Our dogs have been healthy going back generations. We have not experienced Shar-Pei Fevers, Swollen Hock Syndrome, or Major Skin Issues
  2. Siosalach Shar-Pei and Pugs - Breeders of Chinese Shar-Pei and Pugs in Ontario Canada
  3. The Chinese Shar-Pei requires moderate exercise on a regular basis. Height: The height of a Chinese Shar-Pei is 18 - 20″ (45.7 - 50.8cm). Weight: Chinese Shar-Peis weigh 35 - 55 lbs (15.6 - 24.6 kg). Coat Type: The Chinese Shar-Pei has two coat lengths, the shorter horse coat, and the longer brush coat. The coat is short.
  4. My Shar-Pei Kennels 31 Penny Lane Bloomsburg, PA 17815 570-389-138
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Shar-pei kennel in Russia. We breed shar-peis ten years in ecologically pure area near Moscow. Helavis Shar Pei kennel. Chinese shar-peis, mini peis and caucasian shepherd dogs. Information about breeds, a lot of photos, interesting books, puppies for sale, our dogs. Helavis kennel Panda Zulu-Guru Chow-chow kennel: Qi Ming Xing Shar-pei kennel: Fanta Fénye Chow-chow kennel: Black-Schnau kennel: Wrinkles Red shar-pei kennel: Soldier Park American Akita Kennel: Nalongo Gamba's Site: White Siberian Samoyede Kennel: Svejii Veter shar-pei kennel Sharpei Kennel. Shar-Pei fokker gezocht in België? Bekijk hier foto´s van reeds verkochte pups. Betrouwbare kennel Affiliates: AKC and The Chinese Shar Pei Club of America also Tri-Star kennel Club.. I am a liason for the kennel club working with akc, cspca and local kennel club. Prices: Will vary depending on confirmation and color. All deposits are nonrefundable. We except Cash, PayPal , Venmo or U.S Postal Money Orde

A shar-pei nyugodt, igazi családi kutya. Kínából származik, ahol inkább a földművesek, s nem az uralkodó osztály őrző-védő kutyája volt. Ezenkívül még a medvevadászatokon is használták. A shar-pei napjainkban egyre közkedveltebb fajta. Talán az egyik legjellegzetesebb a kutyafajták közül **Kennel Club Assured Breeder - All Puppies are now Sold** Chinese Shar Pei Puppies - B orn 27/11/2018. Born 27/11/2018 - Ready to Leave from 22/01/2019 POAG/PLL Clear & SPAID CNV6 This is a very special litter produced by an AI (Artificial Insemination) mating Wheeler's Wrinkles Shar Pei is an AKC Experienced Breeder of Shar Pei Puppies in Milburn, Oklahoma. Wheeler's Wrinkles. Shar Pei. 580-371-5198. vwheeler94@aol.com. Home. Sires. Dams. Available Puppies. Gallery. FurEver Homes. More. For over 30 years, Vicky Wheeler has been providing happy, healthy, well-bred Chinese Shar Pei companions for.

The Shar-Pei is a wonderful breed: Smart, loyal, easy to train. We have a wealth of knowledge and are ready to share what we've learned with interested parties. We look forward to hearing from you. We are located in Portland, Oregon and welcome all dog lovers. Please contact us for a visit if you are nearby Member Log In. Please sign into Member's Area. Username. Password. Remember Me. Designed using Nevark.Powered by WordPress.WordPress Meskott Shar Pei Kennel: Velkommen: Latest news Valper født 09.05.2016, 1 uke gamle Hoongwan Kenzo At Meskott; Våre hunder. Me iiamo Bibi Brukes ikke i avl: Chagall's Caramelle: Master Class for Mescot Til minne: Full of Fire's Fuel for my Fire: Miuccia Prada. Shar-Pei in the U.S. The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America (CSPCA) was formed in 1974 by some of the original importers of the breed, with the first pedigree certificate being issued in 1976. In January 1992, the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted the Chinese Shar-Pei foundation stock. It is the largest breed, to date, that has joined the AKC. Hier wat foto's van de shar pei pups die bij ons geboren zijn

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  1. Criadero de cachorros shar pei, España, venta sharpei, garantias, historia, consejos, cuidados shar pei, apoyo de nuevos propietarios de nuestros shar pei; Shar-pei, shar-peis, sharp pei, sharpey, shar pey, cachorros | cria de cachorros de shar pei en ambiente familiar
  2. Шарпей. Шар-пей. Питомник шарпеев Шат Шьюн. Выращиваем шарпеев для дома, для души, для выставок и племенной работы в экологически чистом районе Подмосковья. Добро пожаловать в питомник шарпеев!!
  3. Shira Victory Shar pei Kennel. Home Our Dogs > > News My Pride For Sale Planned Litter Contact In Memoriam Last update: 09.07.2020 Planned litter My name is Viki Mátrai and I live with my peis in Budapest! I was getting acquainted with shar-pei dogs since 1992..
  4. Shar-pei, sharpei, puppy, pup, blauwe sharpei, blue sharpei, blue sharpei, lilac sharpei, sharpei kennel, sharpei fokker, sharpei breeder, huiselijke kennel, af en toe pups beschikbaar in de kleuren, blauw, lilac, isabella, creme, chocolat, zwart en rood. met stamboom sint-hubertus,gevaccineerd, aankoopcontract en garantie. familial breeder.
  5. A current list of Kennel Club registered Shar Pei puppies for sale can be found on our Find A Puppy service. This Symbol indicates that a breeder has had a successful inspection carried out to standards assessed by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). These standards were formally introduced in January 2013 and only Kennel Club.
  6. Hieronder vind je een overzicht van alle Shar Pei fokkers op de HondenPage. The Wrinkled Journey Wij zijn een bescheiden, huiselijke shar-pei kennel in Limburg, België, die fokken volgens de regels van de F.C.I. en de Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint Hubertus v.z.w.
  7. I am a small hobby/show kennel in Northern Ohio. My first Shar-Pei was a christmas gift in 1996 and where it all began. My love for the breed grew overtime and has influenced my life in many ways. In 2002 I attended veterinary school in Auburn Alabama and moved to Northern Ohio after graduation to pursue a career with canine reproduction

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  1. The Shar Pei has made an appearance in the US cartoon The Simpsons as the dog of teacher's pet, Martin Prince. About 20 years ago the Shar Pei was one of the world's rarest dog breeds. Matgo Law, of Down-Homes Kennels in Hong Kong is the man who brought the Shar Pei over to the United States and he is claimed as saving the breed from.
  2. ated during the communist regime but some Hong Kong breeders managed to keep the breed alive. Like any breed the.
  3. På de hur sidorna kan du läsa mer om vad Svenska Kennelklubben går och för en inblick i hur vår stora organisation är uppbyggd

The Miniature Shar Pei or Mini Pei is a smaller version of the Shar Pei breed. Standard Shar Peis stand between 18 and 20 inches and weigh from 45 to 60 pounds. The Miniature Shar Pei stands no taller than 17 inches and weighs from 25 to 40 pounds South of the clouds 云的南方犬舍 Ich habe meinen Kennel South of the clouds im März 2019 bei der China Kennel Union (CKU) registriert. Der Name bezieht sich auf unsere alte Heimat in Yunnan, das oft mit dem Beinamen South of the clouds bezeichnet wird. Dort entstand meine Liebe zu der Rasse und mein erster Shar Pei stammte aus dieser Region Black Musck Kennel Ambrogio Vago. Home; Chi sono; Cuccioli; Shar Pei; EXPO; Attestati e Formazione; Contattami; 30 giugno 2020 - ATTESTATO PERCORSO FORMATIVO AVANZATO PER ALLEVATORI CINOFILI 07/02/20 Esposizione Internazionale Pistoia - VINCE SHAR PEI ZOE 26/01/20 Speciale Shar Pei Cesena Home. mappa sito.

All about the lives and adventures of our beloved Shar Pei; Marley, Mulan, Lola, Kai and Lotus. A biography of each Shar Pei included. SharFarrPei is a Kennel Club Assured Breeder located in the UK Kennel Pei Attention Shar pei. 369 likes · 2 talking about this. Happiness is to live with a shar pei! < C and K Kennel of Glenwood, Arkansas has the perfect pet for you or your loved ones. Call us at 870-356-3061 for additional information

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Shar pei HVALPE TIL SALG VISER 1 ANNONCER. Herunder finder du en oversigt over aktuelle kuld af racen Shar pei, der pt. er til salg. Husk også at læse guiden til, hvad du skal være opmærksom på, inden du køber hund Lassen Sie sich von uns eine E-Mail senden und seien Sie der erste der Neuigkeiten und Aktionen von Hippo Muffin Kennel FCI - Hodowla psów rasy Shar Pei erfährt. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht für andere Zwecke verwendet und Sie können sich jederzeit abmelden. Abonnieren. Videos Chinese Shar-pei Breeder for over 34 years! Member of the Chinese Shar-pei Club of America If you live in the Florida/Georgia area, please take a look at our beautiful, sweet, and healthy rescue Chinese sharpei dogs and puppies. Share your home with someone that needs your love! Contact the Florida Shar-pei Rescue at www.floridasharpeirescue.co Shar pei puppies for sale are sold on a limited basis. We are breeders of championship Chinese shar pei puppies for sale. We also have at times miniature shar pei puppies, exquisite blue shar pei puppies and our black shar pei puppies are exceptional with coats that are shiney like mink

Suomen Shar Pei Harrastajat Ry:n Kesäpäivä 24.8.2019. Klo 12.00. Epävirallinen Shar Pei- Erikoisnäyttely. Sahaajankadunkenttä / Vesitornin niitty, Herttoniemi. SPAID-testitulokset näkyviin! Eläinystäväni-messut 13.-14.4.2019! Uusi hallitus ja Jto-työryhmä on nyt valittu shar-pei kennel. Wie zijn wij. Mijn passie is alles wat met honden te maken heeft en met name voor het ras shar-pei. Onze shar-pei kennel 'In the Spirit of Kaisha' is begonnen met onze eerste twee shar-pei's Kai & Aisha The Kennel Club breed description (2009) states that the Shar Pei has an extremely harsh coat which is straight and standing off the body. In a skin fold these bristle-like hairs directly irritate the facing skin Hello Im from Maryland. I breed healthy Chinese shar-pei puppies. I breed for good health, mental, body structure, posture, mouth/bite, and eyes. None of my shar-pei has suffered from shar pei fever and i pray they never will. I spoil all of my dogs they eat the best foods ever. Yes i breed my dogs but they are my PETS FIRST and i do not overbreed

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  1. Shar-Pei Blog; Baggins Shar-Pei Kennel. Owner; History; Location; Facilities; Philosophy; Stud Service; Prices. ByKeyword. Home > Image Gallery. Image Gallery. ByKeyword: Shar-Pei (419) Champion (4) Child (1) Coat: Brushcoat (18) Horsecoat (6) Color: Apricot (4) Blue (6) Chocolate (2) Cream (4) Dilute (6) Fawn (1) Isabella (2) Lilac (1.
  2. Description and Location of R-Lee Shar-Pei Kennel. At it's inception R-Lee Shar-Pei was located at our home at 5947 Salem Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 - situated on five wooded acres nearly in downtown Cincinnati. Our first kennel, constructed in 1984, consisted of a 20' x 20' brick building from which arose a 20' x 40' concrete kennel run
  3. Sharpei SCN SCB en SPCB erkende kennels fokkers clubs rasverenigingen dierenverzorging, kennelclubs Belgie Engeland Spanje hondenvakantie villa New Zeala
  4. Szeretnénk, hogy nálunk találj megbízható Shar Pei tenyésztőt a közeledben. Célunk egy szaporítómentes online felület biztosítása, ahol csak etikus és valódi tenyésztőket találsz, akik számára a tenyésztés elhivatottság és nem pénzszerzési lehetőség.. Tudj meg többet >> (Nincs értékelés még
  5. ster Kennel Club Chinese Shar-Pei Breed Results. View Chinese Shar-Pei Breed Results for the 2019 West
  6. We are proud to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club under our bloodline name Dragonsblood Chinese Shar Pei. As well as a member of The Chinese Shar Pei Club of America, where all Shar Pei had to be registered before the Canadian Kennel Club recognized the breed.We are located in the small town of Deroche in the North Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, Canada
  7. Shar pei from Kennel Meatmouth eat pet food from Symply pet foods.MOV - Duration: 1:40. Kennel Meatmouth 2,243 view

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Shar-pei kennel in Hungary since 2010. Greentree's Pei. Shar-pei in all colour of the Rainbow... Home. Males. Females. Puppies. Prides. Contact. News. Puppies. Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and our puppy was the first imported shar-pei in the UK from Hungary.. orikou kennel. chovatelskÁ stanice plemene Šarpej breeders kennel shar-pei Herzlich willkommen auf der Startseite des Shar Pei Kennel Circus Musicus, Shar Pei Welpen mit VDH / FCI Ahnentafel bzw. Papieren, Infos rund um den Shar Pei - Zucht, Züchter, Welpen, Haltungsbedingungen, Ernährung und Erziehun Westminster Kennel Club Chinese Shar-Pei Breed Results. View Chinese Shar-Pei Breed Results for the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Neander-Valley's Shar-Pei nahe Düsseldorf in NRW steht für verantwortungsvolle Zucht. Unser Zwinger ist im VDH / FCI eingetragen. Zeitweise suchen Welpen ein liebevolles Zuhause

We are a small breeder of Chinese Shar Pei,Our dogs are raised and regarded as family members first, in our home, not in a kennel environment. We keep only a few adults and produce only. 1-2 litters per year that are selectively bred and lovingly raised Qi Ming Xing Shar-pei kennel: Chagall's kennel: Svejii Veter Shar-pei kennel : Bejelentkezés: Felhasználónév: Jelszó: Súgó.

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  1. Találd meg a hasonlóságot és a különbséget a következő kutyafajták között: Shar-Pei vs Közép schnauzer vs Shiba Inu. Hasonlítsd össze a következő fajtákat: Shar-Pei és Közép schnauzer és Shiba Inu. Melyik a jobb kutyafajta: Shar-Pei vagy Közép schnauzer vagy Shiba Inu
  2. All my pups are raised in my home. I was a licensed Vet Tech. in MI. from 1973-2003, then I moved to Wi., and worked for a Vet as a receptionist & tech.assistant for 3 1/2 yrs. Since the kennel was started in 1988 I have produced 21 dogs to Champion, obedience, rally, trick dog, CGCA & agility titles. Most all have been owner handled
  3. 0 4 Shar Pei Dogs & Puppies in Randburg, Gauteng. Pedigree pure bred Sharpei puppies for sale with papers. All pups are registered. We have x2 beautiful male pups and 5 females All our Shar-pei puppies are raised in the house with kids and oth
  4. g kennel for all breeds of dogs since 1969 located in China, Michigan
  5. Érvényes Shar-pei standard -1999.04.14. // 1. // 2009.09.08. 00:05: FCI-Standard Nr.309. Származás: Kína Alkalmazás: Vadász és őrző-védő kutya FCI Csoport beosztás: II.-es fajtacsoport,szekció 2.1.Molosser és dog típusú kutyák.Munkavizsgára nem kötelezett. Rövid történeti áttekintés: Ez a kínai fajta már évszázadok óta a Dél-kínai Tenger partvidékét övező.

Op Doggo.nl vind je een overzicht van alle Shar Pei kennels in Nederland en België. En nog veel meer: hondenscholen, hondenfokkers, uitlaatbedrijven, hondenpensions & asiels, trimsalons, dierenartsen en dierenspeciaalzaken Shar Pei Kennel Ti Xiang. Follow Me. Herzlich willkommen auf sharpei-welpen.de - 沙皮狗. Chinese Shar-Pei I was raised with show dogs and horses. My dream to own a Shar-Pei was fulfilled in 2002- and the rest is history! Our breeding program is selective and we strive for health & longevity. Our dogs are born and raised in our home, and are first and foremost, members of our family

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Myth is a red brush coat Pei. She is double registered with both AKC and CKC. She is short and stocky built. Tator Tot and Mouse are blue sisters from the same litter. Both are AKC and CKC registered with a brush coat. Tator Tot is taller than Mouse, Both girls are very social and love to run and play. Mongo is chocolate and white flower Shar Pei Shar-Pei breeder of AKC blue Shar-Pei puppies and lilac Shar-Pei puppies since 1997. Our focus is strictly on health, conformation and temperament Shar-pei Kanok Szukák . KENNELÜNKBEN KÜLÖNBÖZŐ SZÍNŰ ÉS KORÚ KISKUTYÁK ELADÓK! KÉK, ISABELL, CSOKOLÁDÉ, MAHAGÓNI, FEKETE. ÉRDEKLŐDNI A BLUEMAGICSHARPEI@FREEMAIL.HU CÍMEN VAGY A 06-70-293-5866 TELEFONON LEHET. Megosztás. Megosztás. Oldalmenü Kölykök Tervezett párosításo. Campana, vuelve hacerlo, Mejor de raza en Crufts, exposiciones mas grande a nivel mundial con mas de 24.000 perros. Siendo el primer perro en la historia de España, criado en España en ganar Mejor de la raza

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Shar Pei Kennel Damishar. Welkom op onze site . Home Het begin Laatste nieuws Puppy pagina. Contact Gastenboek Links Reuen Teven Gastenboek Links Reuen Teve The western Shar Pei's may have wrinkles around the face, legs and arms and skin folds on the stomach, chest and back. Shar Pei Size. The Chinese Shar-Pei is a medium sized dog which is typically around 18-20 inches tall. Their weight will usually be around 45-60 pounds. A sturdy dog, they are normally more stocky then fat. Types of Shar Pei Coa You can find here - Shar Pei - Pedigree Databas Shar Pei. Our Shar-Peis are all AKC registered. They come with three generation pedigrees and the best wrinkles in the world. Our females are fawn or honey colored and our male is black. The puppies are just bundles of wrinkles. The Shar-Pei has a unique personality, as they choose their favorite person, you don't get to pick them

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The ideal shar-pei is between 18 and 20 inches at the highest point of the shoulders and should weigh between 45 and 60 lbs. depending on its sex. Although a medium-sized dog, the Chinese shar-pei is also a powerful dog and requires a sturdy kennel of an appropriate size Našim prvým šarpejom bola sučka El-Tara z Detailu - Dolly (3.10.1992 - 21.11.1997). Bola psia osobnosť. Mala úprimné myslenie, bola oddaná, vnímavá a veľmi statočná Can we hit 300 LIKES on this video? Please share it and SUBSCRIBE! LIFE IS BETTER WITH A SHAR PEI PUPPIES ️ ️ ️ Dog from thumbnail @cooperthesharpei, foll..

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SHAR PEI (Interpet / Kennel Club) Author - Cunliffe - Publisher - Interpet / Kennel Club. This hardback contains 158 pages of information about breed history, characteristics and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding, training, preventative health care and behaviour of the breed El Shar Pei (en chino 沙皮狗 y en pinyin shāpí gǒu) es una raza de perros de la que existen noticias desde aproximadamente el año 206 a. C. También fue el animal símbolo de la dinastía Han para esta dinastía y para otras personas provee energía, cariño y amor. [8] El significado de shar pei en chino es Piel de Arena. Esta raza se utilizó como guardián de tumbas en sus orígenes.

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Kennel Names; FCI breeds nomenclature. Français SHAR PEI: 8/9/1999: Deutsch SHAR PEI: 8/9/1999: Español SHAR PEI: 10/15/1999: Section: Molossian type: Subsection: Mastiff type: Date of acceptance on a definitive basis by the FCI: 6/30/1981: Official authentic language: English: Date of publication of the official valid standard: 4/14/1999 Linda Coffee is a fabulous breeder and has the most gorgeous Shar Peis, if your looking for a high quality, smart, healthy and love able shar pei, Linda is the one to call, I wouldn't go any where else! Thanks again for Reese, she's such an awesome Shar Pei, we all love her so much!!! - The Martinez family. Grand Prairie, T A Shar-Pei named Mui Chu was the second Shar-Pei to be imported into the United States and the first to be shown in the United States, during the 1973 Golden Gate Kennel Club show. [5] A Shar-Pei named Sweet Pea is one of the main ancestors of every Shar-Pei that exists today We are very proud to be the owners of the only one male Shar-Pei in Spain with two qualifications for Crufts 2008 and to be only one Spanish Kennel of Shar-Pei with 3 dogs qualify for Crufts 2008. FRIENDS AND MEMBERSHIPS OF CHINESSE SHAR-PEI CLUB OF SPAIN WIN IN GIBRALTA VIDEÓ - shar-pei. Kérjük, add meg e-mail címed, ahol fel tudjuk venni veled a kapcsolatot

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Whether it is the regal and loyal Shar-Pei or the clownish and affectionate Pugs, we are dedicated to show that we are: More Than Just Wrinkles. We have vowed to be educated breeders who will excel in producing great loving companions first and foremost while providing our puppy buyers with lifetime support for their new family member - First Chinese Shar-Pei breeder in Canada to be recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club as a Master Breeder and the American Kennel Club as a Breeder of Merit. Gumby's Chinese Shar-Pei I am a founding member and past President of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Canada as well as a Life Time Member of the Canadian Kennel Club Egy Shar Pei ára sokmindentől függ, ilyen például, hogy a kölyök alkalmas-e tenyésztére és kiállításra a jövőben. A kiskutya vérvonala is alakíthatja az árat, illetve az is, hogy a szülők rendelkeznek-e egészségügyi szűrésekkel, kiállítási eredményekkel The American Kennel Club has recognized 16 acceptable coat colors for a Chinese Shar-Pei dog. The most common are black, fawn, or even tan. The breed also comes in shades of blue, cream, red-fawn, apricot, chocolate and more! Some Shar Peis also have, what most canine enthusiasts call, flowered coloration, which means that the dog will have spots of different shades on a coat of black

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The Shar Pei (Cantonese: shā pèih or Mandarin: 沙皮 shā pí) is a dog breed from southern China.Traditionally kept for dog fighting, the Shar Pei was driven to the point of extinction in the 20th century, the breed is known in the West for its deep wrinkles, whilst a traditional less wrinkled form is maintained in Hong Kong It's really important that Shar Pei puppies from a breeder get the right early socialisation so always ask the breeder about how they go about this. We recommend looking for a Kennel Club Assured breeder as they meet higher standards. We've put together some advice to help you find a good breeder. Not sure if a Shar Pei is the right pet for. lieve shar pei puppy Nog 1 zeer mooi sharpei teefje te koop, haar broertje en zusje hebben al een super huisje gevonden. Ze is geboren op 30-5-2018 en heeft reeds haar 2de vaccinatie gehad, tevens is ze ontwormt en nagekeken door de dierenarts en gechipt door de raad van beheer en in b.. Shar-pei Club Belgium. laatst gewijzigd : 19 - 09 - 2016. Startpagina over hondenrassen. A few Shar-Peis were bred in British Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the Hong Kong Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1968. Around this same time, a few specimens came to America, but the turning point occurred with a 1973 article alerting American fanciers to the breed's perilously low numbers

Chinese Shar-Pei For Sale by Ann Matto - American Kennel Club**Miniature Shar Peis *blue girl remaining
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